Last month, seven Spectris Group employees joined our charity partner, Apps for Good, at their inspirational ‘Climate Change & Digital Innovation Summit.’

This remarkable event, run in partnership with Chiltern Learning Trust, showcased the innovative app ideas that primary and secondary school students had developed as part of Apps for Good’s ‘Innovate for Climate Change’ course. Beyond coding skills, students learned the importance of teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving. Our volunteers supported and encouraged each team by listening to their app pitches and providing valuable feedback on their ideas and presentations.

Andrew Heath, CEO of Spectris plc, was invited to be a panelist, giving the students important industry insight and inspiring them to pursue their tech and climate change goals. He said, “One of the great parts of my job is supporting the work of the Spectris Foundation. The young people’s passion and concern for the health of our planet and their innovative, practical app-based solutions were both inspirational and a call to action.”

This collaborative event not only highlights our commitment to community engagement, but also underscores the profound impact that volunteering has on both young people and the volunteers themselves.

Adam Forde, Chief Digital Officer of HBK, was moved by the students’ passion and understanding, naming a particularly poignant moment where a child proposed an app to assist users of food banks to reduce stigma. Ross Grant, Information and Cyber Security Analyst at HBK, echoed this sentiment, expressing admiration for the students’ innovative solutions and their dedication to sustainability. Ross also discovered that engaging with the students inspired a personal commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrating the profound impact of volunteering on individual perspectives and behaviors.

Anna-Lisa Miller, CIO of Spectris, praised the creativity of the students and said, ”One of the girls told me just having the opportunity to pitch their app to us was exciting and rewarding. At least half of the students were girls and there was lot of ethnic diversity as well. Great to see!”

Thank you to all Spectris Group employees who took part in this event, and to Apps for Good for the opportunity to partner with them to inspire future leaders and innovators who will drive positive change in our society. Congratulations to the winners and a huge well done to all the children who participated!