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Our main grant programme supports education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The Foundation believes in giving more than just money, we are building relationships with our partners and give voluntary advice, skills and time to the charities we work with.

We focus on awarding multi-year grants and are interested in building long-term relationships with our charitable partners, to make a sustained positive impact in STEM education. The Trustees will consider funding applications in September 2023 and a call for applications will open in due course.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your funding needs.

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Whilst there is no maximum grant amount, a typical Large Grant is £20,000-£50,000 per annum for one to three years. The Foundation has funded many excellent projects and initiatives for both higher and lower amounts.

The Spectris Foundation will not fund:

  • Organisations with political, religious or lobbying aims.
  • Contributions to general appeals or circulars.
  • Activities which solely support animal welfare.
  • Activities which have already taken place.
  • Grant making by other organisations
  • Privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships.
  • Individual challenges.