About us

Who we are

The Spectris Foundation is a charity incorporate organisation registered in England and Wales with a charity no. 1195233. We were established in July 2021 by an endowment of £15,000,000 from Spectris Plc. The Foundation predominantly supports access to a high quality education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by distributing grants in these fields. Annually, 20% of funding is allocated to small, non-stem related charities which impact the lives of Spectris Plc staff, globally. 

Spectris Plc operates in 36 countries across the world and have seen first-hand the need to remove barriers to STEM education. It was decided the foundation will have a core focus on giving access to STEM education in the key areas Spectris Plc operate; the UK, the United States, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, China, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and India. Once the board began reviewing applications, it was clear there is a high need in other countries and the foundation therefore added “and other jurisdictions in which a grant would be beneficial” to it’s funding agreement with Spectris Plc to ensure effective grant making.
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Our vision and mission

Our vision

is to engineer bright futures.

Our mission

is to support charitable initiatives through grant-making, with a particular focus on enhancing and improving access to quality education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); to empower students from all backgrounds.

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Our values


To ensure all charitable initiatives deliver quality initiatives, to high standards as agreed by the foundation.


To champion diversity, equity and inclusion, with a particular focus on supporting beneficiaries from disadvantaged communities.


To create a legacy through committing to sustainable funding opportunities, and by working with Plc employees to engage and embrace the foundation.

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We believe that every person should have an equal right to a quality education and, by working with like-minded partners, we will remove barriers and create opportunities for every student to fulfil their potential.