Spectris and The Spectris Foundation partnered up to raise awareness of climate change at the Climate Summit at The University of Hertfordshire!

On Tuesday 13th June The Spectris Foundation supported their project partner ENTHUSE, by attending the Sustainability Summit at The University of Hertfordshire. This event was designed to raise aspiration of our future leaders in climate change, and to focus on possible solutions future technologies can have in having a positive impact in sustainability. 120 students, 14 teachers from 12 local schools attended the day, where the foundation and Spectris exhibited alongside Leaf, ENTHUSE and the Environment Agency to build resilience and inspire students! It was an incredible day full of enthusiasm, one student explained how his life mission is to stop climate change, and he had already changed school policy by stopping all meat consumption!

Damien Phillips, Group General Counsel, joined Rebecca Levy, Foundation Director, in the exhibition area and was surprised at the level of interest and knowledge in the field of sustainability! He explains, “It was very cool to spend a day doing something different – I got quite impassioned about patented hexapod technology in our VI grade simulators…!”

Helena Nathan-King, Group Head of Sustainability, and Ariel Brunner, Sustainability Analyst, designed and held workshops for the students. These interactive workshops explored options of investing in a sustainable future.

“We were impressed by the level of engagement and knowledge from the students about climate change. We heard stories of students teaching their parents how to recycle and convincing them to install solar energy, as well as attending climate marches and growing their own food. Our future needs them!” – Helena Nathan-King.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, it was a great opportunity to connect with schools, universities, charities and businesses which are all contributing to a more sustainable world.

The Spectris Foundation aims to provide quality STEM education globally. For more information on our grant programme please go to “apply for funding”