Group of girls building a circuit board

Making a difference

Lightyear Foundation

Breaking down barriers to disabled children taking part in STEM

Grant awarded: £195,000
Timescale: 3 years – 2023 – 2026
Location: UK (wide)

Many disabled children in special schools either have no access to a STEM education or simply believe it’s not meant for them. Despite the ever-growing demand for STEM jobs, a staggering 78% of the autistic community and 95% of people with learning disabilities remain unemployed.

The Lightyear Foundation are plotting a long-range roadmap to revolutionise STEM education in special schools.

Their mission is to empower both students and STEM organisations, unlocking the potential disabilities that can be tremendous assets in the STEM sector.

The Spectris Foundation is awarding an unrestricted grant to the Lightyear Foundation to enable them to continue breaking down barriers in STEM education. We are excited to see their groundbreaking initiatives in special educational schools and the dynamic collaboration with the broader STEM community. They are crafting a future that’s inclusive, accessible, and full of opportunity.