The India Stem Foundation have been operating since 2006 and in these 18 years they have worked across India to provide access to STEM education. Their work addresses the inequalities and adversity which faces children from all backgrounds to access education. They work with schools, provide training and equipment to bridge the gap in learning, and to create opportunities for young people. Their mission is to inspire, educate, and empower young minds, and we are a proud supporter of their work.

The Spectris Foundation is funding the Tinkering Lab at The Bharat English School and Junior College in Pune. A science classroom which provides students the opportunity to learn hands-on science and technology in their school and for surrounding schools.

In November, the foundation’s Chair, Derek Harding has the privilege of visiting the school where he met with the students and teachers to learn about their experiences and see firsthand the impact of the India Stem Foundation.

“I recently had the privilege to visit the Bharat English School and Junior College in Pune, India.  I had the opportunity to meet the children and teachers who are being supporting by a partnership between the Spectris Foundation and the India Stem Foundation, through the creation of a “STEM TINKERING LAB”.    For many of the children, the tinkering lab is the first opportunity that they have to engage with Science and Technology and it was an extremely moving experience to see their enthusiasm and excitement.  The Spectris Foundation was established to champion equal opportunities for those with a passion for technology and a desire to engineer a better world.  The teachers and children in Pune are the living embodiment of this purpose” – Derek Harding.

The Spectris Foundation has awarded funding towards this powerful project until 2025, to learn more see here