collage of images from technovation event

Technovation, a non-profit organisation, is on a mission to equip young women aged 8 to 18 with the skills and mindset to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Their goal is to empower millions of young women globally, by using technology to solve real-world problems in their communities. The Spectris Foundation is honoured to be working alongside them.

In September , our Foundation trustee Amit Agarwal, participated in the AI Forward Alliance at UNGA in New York, in collaboration with UNICEF. This event brought together worldwide influential partners including the UN, Google, and non-profit organisations like Technovation and UNICEF. The focus was on harnessing the power of AI innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders to make positive changes in the world.
The alliance has two primary objectives:

  1.  To reach and empower 25 million girls and young women through education in AI, coding, and entrepreneurship.
  2. To see 6 million of these young women, enter technology-related fields by 2030.

Amit explained, “We’re currently not leveraging half of the world’s population (females) to attack the big problems and opportunities. Hence, the need for this initiative. The picture boards paint the picture.”

The Spectris Foundation also actively supported Technovation by participating in their World Summit. Karen Kresonja, a volunteer for The Spectris Foundation and who works as Vice President for Spectris owned business, Particle Measurement Systems (PMS), was invited to attend the World Summit as a judge. Teams from all corners of the globe showcased their innovations, and the best teams earned a spot at this event.

Reflecting on the experience, Karen said, “The Technovation event was fantastic. I was completely blown away by the young women participating, truly amazing. The teams were enthusiastic, innovative, and absolutely brilliant. I left feeling very inspired for the future of women in technology.” She continues, “it was astonishing to see Technovation’s global reach, with teams from small villages in Kenya and Nigeria. These girls were using AI technology to develop applications that address community needs.”

The future with Technovation

The Spectris Foundation has awarded Technovation with £200,000 grant over two years. We are delighted to be strengthening our partnership, dedicated to providing underrepresented girls from low-income communities and developing nations the opportunity to access skills in technology. Together we are championing the future of women in technology.