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Making a difference

CompTia Spark

Aims to unlock people’s potential through technology, harnessing innovative programs to make fulfilling and rewarding careers open to anyone.

$100,000 USD
2022 -2024

Formed in 1998 as a non-profit and the social innovation arm of CompTIA – the world’s largest (IT) industry association – CompTia Spark shares our ethos that technology should be exciting, accessible and inclusive.

Over the next two years, The Spectris Foundation are partnering with CompTia Spark to fund their TechGirlz programme. This initiative develops cutting-edge tech education curricula for girls ages 11-14. CompTia Spark offers an open-source library alongside in-person and virtual workshops. They use ranging topics, from designing mobile apps, Arduino programming, building websites and animation. Workshops are hands-on and designed to engage girls with no previous experience.