Group of girls building a circuit board

Making a difference

Education Engineering Scheme Wales (EESW)

believe in the power of quality STEM education and design activities in alignment with Welsh curriculum to improve STEM skills and promote it’s benefit for gaining wider employability skills.

Total Awarded: £150,000
Grant awarded: £100,000
Current Timescale: 2 years: 2023 – 2025
Location: Wales, UK

Since its inception in 1989, the Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW) has been working tirelessly to show young people how valuable a career in engineering can be. EESW endeavors to bridge the gap between students and industry, which benefits young students and propels the Welsh economy towards a successful future.

With The Spectris Foundation’s continued partnership, the EESW are expanding the Sustainable Farming project, where traditional agricultural practices are blended with cutting-edge technology. Students collaboratively construct and code a digital greenhouse, fostering a deep appreciation for the role of technology in bolstering sustainability and efficiency. With a goal to engage a further 24 schools and a total of 700 young minds.

Furthermore, our grant will also facilitate the delivery of the First Lego League (FLL) activity, a global science and technology competition for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.