Group of girls building a circuit board

Making a difference

African Gifted Foundation

Believe that women and girls should be at the forefront of Africa’s STEM future. They develop students potential through their primary project, the African Science Academy, Ghana

Total Awarded: £120,000
Current Grant awarded: £100,000
Current Timescale: 2023 – 2025
Location: Accra, Ghana

We have supported the African Gifted Foundation since 2022; their world-class stem education fosters talent and enables young women with a passion for STEM the opportunity to fulfil their potential. By providing support, increasing confidence and supporting women from all backgrounds, the African Gifted Foundation are creating inspiring, future leaders.

At the heart of their endeavor lies the African Science Academy (ASA), an institution that annually welcomes 50 exceptionally gifted students from underprivileged backgrounds, gifting them world-class STEM education – entirely on full scholarships.

The Spectris Foundation has awarded the African Gifted Foundation a two year grant of £100,000 to allow them to continue giving full scholarships to young women across Africa and contributing to reducing the gender gap in Stem learning, and to make a transformative impact.