Group of girls building a circuit board

Making a difference

A one year grant given to the SAE Foundation

2022 -2023

The Spectris Foundation awards a £10,000 grant to the SAE Foundation to help over 300 school children across to US gain practical Stem education!

During the next academic year the Spectris Foundation is funding a hands-on project to give quality stem education to K-8 school children across the United States. This program is called A world in Motion and is an inquiry-based learning experience that brings STEM concepts to life, setting students on a path of lifelong learning and discovery. All students participate and gain an insight to the creativeness and excitement of stem.

AWIM program sparks passion for STEM, Kei’Andre a student who participated in the project last year loved learning about Newton’s laws of motion and gravity. Through the Straw Rockets Challenge Kei’Andre created an interactive comic book where students could battle computer viruses.

Because of his experience with AWIM, Kei’Andre wants to become a scientist!

The goal of the program is to provide students with high-quality, STEM programming that ignites their interest in STEM subjects. As well as providing training for teachers which will increase their abilities and interest in STEM, thus helping many more young minds of the future.