Children working on STEM projects

The Spectris Foundation aims to engineer bright futures through awarding grants and building long-term relationships with charitable organization to enhance education in STEM fields and give access to STEM education globally.

We are proud to have awarded a further seven STEM grants this year! We are committing to support charities for up to three years and are continuing to nourish our partnerships worldwide.

The Spectris Foundation are delighted to announce that we have awarded over £700,000 of STEM funding to 7 charitable partners.

We are extending our fantastic partnerships with Technovation, African Gifted Foundation, Engineering Education Scheme Wales, and the SAE Foundation. We aim to build on the brilliant work that has been achieved and hope to make impactful change in STEM Education internationally.

In additional, we have formed exciting new partnerships with the Lightyear Foundation and Apps for Good. Both are UK charities which are using real life solutions and technology to address the gap in STEM education for people living with a disability, with special educational needs, or within areas of deprivation.

Many of our charitable partners rely on volunteers to design programs, mentor and inspire students. In addition to funding, The Spectris Foundation plans to enhance these grants by coordinating volunteering opportunities with Spectris’s talented employees. By working together and pulling on professional experience, we will engineer bright futures.

Thank you to our charity partners, we are excited to be working alongside you!

You can read more about our impact here – Spectris Foundation